View Full Version : Tecra 9000 - need graphic card driver

27.08.2007, 09:17
I currently own a Tecra 9000. I was having some problems so I had to format the hardrive. Afterward I found that my graphic card wasnt working.
I suspect that it is uninstalled but i couldnt find the driver for it.

Help plz

27.08.2007, 09:26
Hi Jeff

Please check Toshiba download page under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com –Support & Downloads. There you can find all drivers you need. As ‘Product type’ please choose option ‘Archive’.

That’s all!

27.08.2007, 21:29
ok thaank you, but i still have the problem where no video/graphic card is found. i tried downloading the display driver but it seems more like a update.

28.08.2007, 19:36
The XP display driver for the S3 Savage MX graphic card is definitely on the Toshiba page and it works!!!

After driver download please unzip this package. Then go to the device manager and start the installation from this place.
Choose the driver from the package download source and complete the installation!!!

28.08.2007, 22:17
Excuse me I hope this isn't to much to ask but can u plz walk it through step by step for me.

Thank you

30.08.2007, 18:34
Very simple;

- Download the XP driver from the Toshiba page
- unpack the zipped driver package
- go to the device manager, select the graphic card and update (install driver)
- then choose the option “install from list or specific location” and then “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install”
- choose the driver from the downloaded and unzipped folder
- finish the installation and reboot the notebook

enjoy it!