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25.08.2007, 14:08
hello my name is tom and I have a toshiba tecra 9000.
My problem is the original toshiba 20GB hdd is defect
and i want buy a new HDD from toshiba.
My question is:
How many Gigabyte i can install on my notebook???
I want buy a 40GB, 60GB or 80GB HDD
is one of this HDD-Size compatible with my toshiba tecra 9000?

i forget:
The Notebook has:
512MB Ram
standard 20GB HDD
Wlan onboard (defect extern PCMCIA Wlancard from netgear)
16mb S3 graphic card
14,1" Display

thanks in advance for answers

25.08.2007, 21:32

I think it shouldn´t be a problem to install a 60 or 80GB drive to your machine since the chipset should be able to take such big drives.
A advice before installing a new drive: update your bios to the newest version since they would enable some better support for big drives.

In case of some other questions, just ask.


27.08.2007, 17:12
And buy a 2,5" PARALLEL ATA harddisk!

28.08.2007, 11:54
You can by any HDD IDE/ATA 9.5mm drive. The fastest/best is a 7200 1/min drive from Hitachi, e.g.: Hitachi Travelstar 7K100 100GB (HTS721010G9AT00)

28.08.2007, 11:59
Thanks apco. Great info! :) Have you test it on your Tecra? I hope you didn't notice any problems there.