View Full Version : Operating system on Satellite Pro A120 freezes

18.08.2007, 17:39
I've recently updated by bios to the newest one available. After this was done, I rebooted and now windows freezes at the point where it seems to load the ACPI driver. Then after about 10 seconds the CPU cooler gets boosted to 100% speed and then it won't go further. I also tried reinstalling the system but once it's done with the progressbar that both vista and xp runs before installation, it freezes again.

Last thing I tried was to run Windows XP (error safe) which works fine. For me it seems like the bios has a problem of some sort. Does anyone know what can be the problem?

23.08.2007, 14:36

Are you 100% sure that you have used a right BIOS for a right notebook series?
One the Toshiba European driver page you can find two different Satellite Pro A120 series.

For the Sat Pro A120 PSAC0E the 3.30-win BIOS is available and for PSAC1E you will find a 3.40-win BIOS

Did you use the right one?

23.08.2007, 18:32
i agree with Eldorado. Hopefully you have chosen the right BIOS update version. Can you please give us more feedback about that?