View Full Version : Memory slot 0 of Tecra 8200 is not working

18.08.2007, 11:59
I installed 2 256MB cards (original toshiba), but only one is recognised by the bios. When I change the slots (between the 2 memory cards) the problem is the same. Thus, it seems not to be one defect memory. What can I do to get both cards working (can it be a defect mother board or some special setting)?

18.08.2007, 12:40
I have two mainboards from Tecra 8200 with same problem, it is an hardware defect on the board. Only thing You can do is to change the mainboard ( I got last year a new one for roundabout 75 US$ in internet auktion) or to work on with only 256 MB.

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18.08.2007, 22:00
Yeah, I agree with olli, itīs a pure hardware related issue.

So the on and the only way would be to buy a new machine or purchase a secondhand pcb on ebay or somewhere else.

Sorry dude :)