View Full Version : Question about battery for Satellite Pro L100

14.08.2007, 10:48
I have a Satellite Pro L100 with a battery model PA3450U-1BRS. My friend offered my battery from his L10 model number PA342OU-1BRS.

Would this work in my laptop? Also what does 4300mAh mean? Mine has 2000mAh? Thanks for any help.

14.08.2007, 21:00

I am not sure if it would work, the most important thing is that the Volts fit for your machine. Does the battery fit in your machine (I mean in your battery slot?).

The xxxx mAh means the capacity, so if you got more capacity then your machine will run longer on battery.

But if I were you I wouldnīt make any experiments with my machine, because if you put the battery in the machine and the batt damages your system, then you havenīt any warranty and your machine will become a heavy paperweight.