View Full Version : Dirty screen on my Portege 4010

25.02.2005, 11:44
My portege 4010 has had grey marks on its screen for some time. I have tried various screen cleaning fluids and they don't shift them. They appear to come from the screen's contact with the keys?

How can I remove these, or can I replace the piece of transparent plastic that covers the LCD?

25.02.2005, 14:12

if you can't clean the screen with any different cleaning fluids, it can be that these grey marks are not dirt but dents!

My suggestion is if you can't clean it you should contact a Toshiba Service Partner (perhaps you have warranty) and check it! It can be that the dents are caused by a too high adjusted keyboard. This should be checked to avoid a higher damage.

Bye Tom

25.02.2005, 20:53

TOK is absolutly right!

Take a antistatic dry cloth!
This is the best, easiest and safest way!

Bye Pelox