View Full Version : Question about 3D Acceleration in Ubuntu Dapper Trident CyberAladdin-P4

09.08.2007, 16:48
Hi, I've got a Satellite A20-130 laptop, running Ubuntu Dapper (with KDE). I use the generic Trident driver for my display, but can't get 3D acceleration to work.

Is it possibe to get 3D acceleration to work in Linux using a Trident CyberAladdin-P4 graphics card?

10.08.2007, 16:13
Hi there,

not at the moment because even the 3D support under windows is not 100%. I read in some forums that many users try to run some games on it and it fails due to the drivers which donīt support 3D like the users want.

You know the machine is no gaming notebook, thats the reason why a trident chip was built into your system and not a geforce 7900.

Sorry dude, no luck