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24.02.2005, 14:38

I have just bought the M200 and a wide-screen external LCD. I couldn't set the screen resolution for my external display to 1680x1050 with the display drivers the M200 came with, so I therefore updated the NVIDIA driver to the newest one available on the NVIDIA-website. I works, but now I cannot change the display direction via any of the TOSHIBA utilities - it raises this error (translated from Danish): "The setting is not supported. Open the display setttings in the Control Panel, change your settings and try changing the display direction again."

I have now three questions:
1. Is this about the upgraded display driver at all? And if not, then what am I doing wrong?

2. If it is about the upgrade, then how will I be able to change the display direction and have a wide-screen external monitor?

3. If this is not in any way possible (which would make me really sad :( ), then how do i reinstall the old driver, without reinstalling everything? I can't find the driver on any of the shipped cds.

Can anybody help me, please?
Thank you very very much...

Mvh Asger / Denmark

24.02.2005, 15:19

As far as I know the driver installed on notebook is developed and adapted for this unit.

This situation is because driver update. Seeming original driver can not support this high resolution.

In my opinion if everything work fine with NVIDIA driver you can change displays using NVIDIA settings. I do not know exactly but there must be option “nView Display Mode”.

If you want to install Toshiba display driver you can find it on “Tools & Utilities CD” or you can find latest one on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com under “Support & Downloads”. Go to “Download drivers” and there you can choose product type, family product series and model that you have.