View Full Version : Cannot install windows on Satellite Pro A40

06.08.2007, 19:38
Hi I have read through all the posts and cant seem to find an answer.

My problems is this ..

I have tried to install windows from a Full version and when I choose to install windows in a partition it fails. If I try to delete the partition it fails. If I use the recovery disks - Option 1 fails before it fully loads - looks like Gdisk? error and then goes in ghost. Option 2 Loads but when I go to install fails again.

I cannot find an option in the bios to prevent accessing the disk - like a boot virus protection. the lock key under the keyboard I have tried in both positions.

I have removed the battery to see if it is a power problem !

Tried using the recovery options in win xp - but cannot access the drive

The really strange thing is during the recovery disks option 2 - the drive size is bigger than the actual size by approx 1/3 ?

The system originally went down whilst connected to the internet - the only option I can thing of is a surge came down the line and damaged either the motherboard or the hardrive. As it has happened to a Desktop system - Blew 3 modems and an ups before we located the problem.


06.08.2007, 20:39

did you already tried to check and format the drive with an external tool? I give you a suggestion: try the "ultimate boot cd" which has many tools also some tools for maintaining harddrives.

You can get the image here: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/

Just burn it to a CD, boot it and choose the tool for your harddisk to check it and to repartition it.

Hope it helps...