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22.02.2005, 15:00

When traveling abroad, how can I set my Notebook's internal modem to the correct country setting?


22.02.2005, 15:14
Hi Silas

Often countries have individual specifications for communication over telephone lines.
In order to provide your modem with the proper settings for other countries you travel to, select the Region Select Utility from your Start Menu > Programs > Toshiba Internal Modem or Start Menu > All Programs > TOSHIBA > Networking > Modem Region Select.
By clicking on the Region Select Utility an icon is generated next to the clock’s position on the task bar.
When you click this icon, a list appears from which you can select the country of your whereabouts. By clicking on a country entry, your modem is configured with the required communication settings.

The Region Select Utility is provided with the pre-installed OS on notebooks having an internal modem. Alternatively, you can install your modem driver from the Toshiba Tools & Utilities CD to obtain this utility. On some Notebooks, the Region Select Utility is named "Country Select Utility".