View Full Version : How to copy contents of hardrive to new hardrive on Tecra 9100?

28.07.2007, 13:41
I've just recieved my new hardrive and need to copy the contents of the old one to the new one. The new hardrive came with no extra software. I have Norton Ghost, so naturally I went to the Copy Hardrive tool only to find it lists my current hardrive to copy to. How can I copy the contents if I need to install the hardrive? I mean surely it'll not do anything if I just put the new hardrive in?

Please help!

28.07.2007, 15:28

ok, hereīs my suggestion:

Put the new harddrive in, recover the machine then get a external "usb-hdd case" and copy your data to your machine.

I mean it canīt be easier and you will get a new and clean system.
If you got some further questions, just ask.


28.07.2007, 23:53
Thanks for your help, but I have no USB Caddy. I've just installed Windows on it and am starting all from scratch! Wish me luck!

29.07.2007, 15:54

regarding your harddisk and the size, thats easy, just do the following steps:

Go into "Control Panel" -> "Administrative Tools" -> "Computer Managment" -> "Disk Managment" and then activate the unformatted partition by making a right-click on the "Unallocated" part and click on "New Partition". The rest is easy to perform.

And regarding the USB-Caddy: they are not expensive, you can get on in every electronic market for 10$, so it shouldnīt be a big deal. :)