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21.02.2005, 17:48
Dear Sir,
today i performed on a tecra M2 a system restore, but suddenly the message came that i had to re-install the following file : <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe :

how do i do that : put in the recovery cd or just do a format of the disk with the recover cd ?
thanks in advance

22.02.2005, 01:24

System restore is very helpful tools but it's not the magic bullet! :-)

Your file "ntoskrnl.exe" seems to be damaged and this file is very important for you OS!
You can try to start up the notebook and press "F8" key. Then you will enter a menu and you can choose the " Last known good configuration" and the VGA Mode.

If you have luck your notebook works after that else you only can recover the whole notebook! But if you have important data on the NB you should safe it to an external disk!

Bye Chris

22.02.2005, 12:50
Hi drweeks

I found something that can be interesting for you


Good luck!

22.02.2005, 16:25
Dear Sit,
1000times thanks for the help, had to perform system reco with the cd's, wasn't that difficult, all systems work now fine
have a nice day

23.02.2005, 21:44
'Dear Sit' : i mean Dear Sir, excuse me
Have a nice day
reg weekx