View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20 hangs on the XP splash screen

26.07.2007, 20:36
I have a brand new laptop as above.
I recieved it as part of an insurance claim.
But when i try to boot it it hangs on the XP splash screen with the status bar/flag etc.

I have tried using the product recovery , pressing f12 gets me into the multiple boot screen, with the options hdd, cd/dvd, floppy etc. but my keyboard will not allow me to go up or down or press 2.

Is there something really wrong here or am i being a donut. Also sometimes it brings up the black screen stating 'recovered from a fatal error' select start mode. But will not let me select safe mode or last known working only the start windows normally.

Any help greatly appreciated

29.07.2007, 21:48

regarding the "hangs on splash screen" I donīt really have a solution for you. Could be the memory but I am unsure.
But with that keyboard thing:

Did you already tried to connect a external keyboard (PS/2 or USB) to the machine. Maybe you can then choose something from the boot list...


30.07.2007, 10:43

Regarding your problem description you are not able to boot into the Windows OS. The notebook hangs on the XP screen and does start the OS. Am I right?

Did you try to access the BIOS???
The notebook should support a Phoenix BIOS and therefore you should try to press F2 to access the BIOS. There try to change the booting order and try to recovery the notebooks OS from the Toshiba recovery CD.

Try to reinstall the OS. If it will not function you should contact the ASP for the notebook check. As you said this is a new notebook and everything should function properly.
The warranty should cover all checks and hardware replacements.

Good luck