View Full Version : Linux WLAN driver for Satellite L40-137

26.07.2007, 20:29
Have anybody a working driver for linux for toshiba L40-137? I tried a couple of windows drivers with ndiswrapper and madwifi - nothing works.

What chip has this notebook? Under vista it says Atheros Atheros AR5007EG and under linux lspci says Atheros AR5006EG

27.07.2007, 16:27

I found also information that this L40-137 unit was delivered with the Atheros 802.11g (XB63L) Wlan card.
In fact you will not find any Linux drivers on the Toshiba driver page because Toshiba does not support the Linux officially ;(

I see only one way. You have to googel for a compatible Wlan driver which supports the Atheros 802.11g (XB63L) chip.

Good luck and have a nice weekend