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21.02.2005, 11:25
Hello there. My name is Yiannis and I am from Greece.The last 5 days I am trying to install Windows Me on my 3110 and it is impossible!!!I used the C with power but it stops(No drivers found).I opened the CD from my computer but it says that this edition(98) of the Windows cannot be updated. I created by following Microsoft' instructions a file on C named winflat and I copyied the windows there so I can boot from C but nothing again. I updated all the drivers but nothing again. What can I do?

21.02.2005, 15:53
Hi Yiannis

Please no panic. For your Portege you need external CD device. Many users on this forum have similar problems. But I must tell you also that I think that your Notebook is just supported for W95 and W98SE. It is possible that it will not be easy to install WME. You can try to install with some Drivers for W98SE but I am not sure that it can work properly.

If you have Microsoft ME OS (full version) you will not be able to boot up from it because there is no driver for external CD-ROM. First you must make some bootable CD that includes driver for your CD device.

Portege series is sometimes not easy to install. Problem is that after restart there is no actual driver for external device. During installation notebook memorize the installation source.

In my opinion maybe it will be possible to install it from HDD directly. Try to copy ME CD to second partition of HDD and start setup from there.

Check also this link. It can be interesting for you:

Good luck!