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24.07.2007, 21:52

I've looked through various posts through the forums, but have not found how to enable widescreen resolutions on a Toshiba Satellite Pro A10.
The following 2 threads offer partial responses:


The solution in the 2nd post will not work because the A10 has an Intel graphics card, not an Nvidia. Also, it suggests altering the INF file of the graphics driver, but upon extracting the driver file (SA10B2DP.exe) it includes a setup, but no INF.

Just looking to see if anyone has any advice on how to enable resolutions such as 1440x900 or 1680x1050.


25.07.2007, 13:45

you mean on the external screen, donīt you? If you have a intel graphics chipset why donīt you download the drivers from the intel website.
Maybe the offer a external widescreen resolution.

I am not sure if the external res can be set to widescreen on that chipset since the drivers are a little bit limited..
Can you describe which monitor you have and how you connect him to your machine. (d-sub or DVI)?

Would appreciate some feedback :)


25.07.2007, 19:34
Yes, the resolution on the external screen. The drivers support 1600x1200, which is more pixels than 1680x1050, so the card is definitely capable. The monitor connects through VGA.

I have downloaded the latest graphics drivers from Toshibas site (drivers from 2003), yet there's still no option to change to widescreen resolutions. I also downloaded the drivers for the monitor itself - the Samsung Syncmaster 206bw, yet this didn't work either.


04.07.2008, 11:16

The is a simply explanation;
If the display resolution is not supported by graphic driver (it’s not included in driver) then you will be not able to choose it.

Sorry, there is nothing to do.