View Full Version : How do I upgrade display drivers on Tecra 8100?

20.02.2005, 16:20
I've downloaded the driver updates for my girlfriend's Tecra 8100, but I can't figure out how to install them. The notebook is running Win2k sp4.

I tried the 'normal' method of "update driver" and then pointing to the new drivers, but Win2k keeps finding the original drivers and not the new drivers.

I also tried unzipping the new drivers into the folder which contains the original drivers, and overwriting the duplicate files. I zipped up the original folder so that Win2k could not see the original files anymore. I then tried running the installer program, but on subsequent reboots the card was not detected. It was only when I unzipped the original files again that the new card was suddenly found, and the v5 drivers were installed again!!

I'd really like to install the v7 drivers - anyone got any ideas on what is going wrong? can anyone provide me a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade from v5 to v7?


20.02.2005, 16:21
I forgot to mention - I tried running the S3 uninstaller, but it didn't seem to do anything.

Any advice appreciated!

21.02.2005, 12:20

There are 18 drivers. Which one you will to update? Do you have any problems with Tecra? In my opinion if you have no problem using OS there is no need to make some updates. What you mean with “v7 drivers”?

03.03.2005, 01:16

I have almost the same problem, after reinstalling my tecra 9000 i can not do an upgrade of the S3 display driver.
my current driver has the following data : S3 Graphics SuperSavage/IXC Toshiba, date = 19/10/2001, version =
I'm trying to upgrade to the latest S3 driver on the toshiba website, date = 16/07/03, version = 12.90.95.
But, After downloading and unzipping the package, there is no setup.exe file (or something like that), no information on how to install the drivers.
Try to do via "update driver" but the procedure won't find any files. and won't do the requested update.
Is there somebody with the same problem or who knows the solution ?


15.06.2005, 14:35

I have found this in the Tecra 9000 Display Driver file I downloaded from the Toshiba website. The same instruction will work on the Tecra 8100.

How to install a new display driver:

1. From [Start] menu, select the [Settings], then click on the [Control Panel].
2. Double-click on [System] and choose the [Hardware] tab.
3. Select [Device Manager] button.
4. Double-click [Video Controller(VGA Compatible)] in 'Other Devices'.
5. Select [Driver] tab.
6. Select [Update Driver] button.
7. Press [Next] button in 'Upgrade Device Driver Wizard'.
8. Select [Display a list of the known drivers for this device so that I can choose a specific driver] and press [Next] button.
9. Select [Display Adapters] in hardware types.
10. Select [Have Disk] button.
11. Browse to the 'Display Driver' folder on CD or HDD drive, select *.inf-file and click [Open].
12. Select the new display driver in models menu and press [Next] button.
13. Press [Next] button in 'Start device driver installation' dialog box.
14. If you see 'Digital Signature Not Found' dialog box, press [Yes] button.
16. Reboot Windows to launch the new driver.

I hope this will help you.