View Full Version : Cannot connect the notebook to TV via s-video port

20.07.2007, 12:52
I was able to link my toshiba laptop (windows XP) to our old TV using an s-video cable.
We have upgraded tv to another TV (pdp-507xd) and I can't link with the laptop.

I have tried the s-video and also an RGB. The RGB show on 'display' as if I am linking to a PC. The s-video looks ok but no display on TV.

I may be missing something really simple but any ideas please?

20.07.2007, 15:30

In my knowledge on many TVs the s-video option must be enabled firstly.
I donít know your TV device and Iím really not a TV expert but check the user manual and check if such option must be enabled before using it!!!

Then try again the FN+F5 key combination to switch to the TV device!

Good luck