View Full Version : Restore Satellite A120 to factory settings from hidden partition?

20.07.2007, 05:00
The user manual says I press F8 during startup, chose windows repair and then complete PC recovery from a hidden partition. Actually I get prompted to restore from backups I already did on the shown partition (Data). I can't find how to restore to factory settings with the hidden partition without the recovery media needed. Any clues?

20.07.2007, 10:31

and there was really no media shipped with your computer? Just a recovery on harddisk? So, usually it should work when pressing F8 und you should come over that recovery point. Maybe you should choose the backup?

Would appreciate some feedback

20.07.2007, 16:51
There was recovery CD or DVD and Windows Vista DVD. But, I wanted to know how to do that through the hidden partition thing.

My previous experience with Dell is that when you use the media for recovery, it won't have all the programs that were originally on the laptop and never managed to get them ALL.

When using F8 and complete PC restore, I get to choose the back up I want to restore, BUT I only find the backups I made, which are at later dates and not the factory image.

20.07.2007, 17:29
The Toshiba recovery CD contains all preinstalled programs and applications on the notebook.
Using the Toshiba recovery CD you will set the notebook to the factory settings!!!!!!