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20.02.2005, 02:52
Is there somewhere where I can find out what standard devices should be on the Tecra 9000. Specifically the sound, video and game controllers.

I have been trying to fix a sound problem and would like to remove all under this section and then add back in, but I would like to firstly be sure I have correct ones installed & secondly would need assistance in removing such devices. All mine currently listed have no option to 'disable' or 'uninstall' which I think in strange.

21.02.2005, 11:15

Sound: Yamaha YMF753 - 16-Bit-Stereo Sound Blaster Pro compatible System (WAVE und MIDI)
Video: S3ģ SuperSavage/IXC 1179

All devices would be from WXP recognized and installed. I donít know what kind of sound problem do you have but I can just advice you to use original sound driver. All drivers are designed for this model and if you use some other driver there is no guarantee that it will work properly.