View Full Version : Hi speed USB via an Advanced Port Replicator for a Tecra 9100?

19.07.2007, 04:03
I have the same issue with a Tecra 9100 and upgrading it to hi speed USB as an earlier post where the suggested solution was to use a PCMCIA card.

(see link: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=24103)

I had an idea but i don't know if it will work and need some advice?????

Can you buy an Advanced Port Replicator that has Hi Speed USB 2.0 ports on it (like the APR II PA3082U which works with the Tecra 9100) instead of the PCMCIA card.

If the Port Replicator docks into the motherboard will it give you Hi Speed USB 2.0 or is the Tecra 9100 constrained to USB 1.1 via the hardware within the laptop itself and the port replicator won't help?

Also if I go down the Port Replicator route do i need any drivers for the Hi speed ports of the Port Replicator to work on the Tecra 9100?

Or to ask the question another way - what does the PCMIA USB 2.0 card have in it that the Advanced Port Replicator with hi speeed USB doesn't have?

Many thanks in advance

22.07.2007, 20:28
Hi there,

the Tecra 9100 has NO usb 2.0 and thats a fact. Since the port replicator has these USB 2.0 ports does not mean that your machine, when docked to the Portrep, is able to handle USB 2.0 devices. The portrep is just like an usb-hub and behaves like. So if your machine doesn´t have it then thats it.

And the explanation to the PCMCIA/Cardbus solution:
The pcmcia card has USB 2.0 Chipset, thats the reason why it IS a USB 2.0 device (roothub).

I hope that was clear for you :)

Just purchase that card and you will have USB 2.0