View Full Version : Satellite U200-163 with Vista: UJ-842S drive can't burn CD-R or CD-RW properly

18.07.2007, 16:14
Hi everybody,

I recently bought Windows Vista Home Basic and since I‚??m running this new OS on my U200-163, my recorder, a Mat****a UJ-842S can't burn CD-R or CD-RW properly.
I think my firmware must be updated but neither Toshiba nor Mat****a are able to help me.

Do you have any idea?
Thanks for your help

20.07.2007, 16:42

I donít think you have to update the firmware.
I recommend using a compatible and supported medium!!!!

In the user manual you will find a list of supported CDs and DVDs!!!!

Furthermore try to burn the CDs or DVDs with additional burning software like Nero.
Nero supports an option to test the drive. It finds out the best speed and controls the burn procedure to get the best burning performance.

best regards and have a nice weekend ;)

21.07.2007, 17:26
Thank you very much for your answer Jeffrey,

unfortunately I don't think the problem is linked to media because under XP everything was ok. Moreover I already use Nero and the test results are not really encouraging... The burn process fail 90% of time with nero, windows media player or the Toshiba software. I really think it's a vista compatibility issue...

Have a good week end too and thanks again