View Full Version : Tecra 8200 Upgrade?

19.02.2005, 17:12
Hi there:-)

I've just bought used Tecra 8200 PIII850MHz 20GB HDD 256MB RAM and Ia have a question - theoretically, if I flash the newest BIOS, what is the maximu CPU frequency that can insertend in the laptop ( will PIII 1,2GHz work with it, or maybe just 1GHz?)? How about HDD - will it work with 40 GB( or bigger) Toshiba HDD? Specs that can be found on Toshiba Website say about 30GB HDD's but I hope they are a bit outdated;-)

Regards to all
Michael Kornacki

19.02.2005, 22:49
Hi MicKor,

the maximum CPU frequency is 1.0Ghz
and the maximum HDD memory is 30GB