View Full Version : Cannot listen to online radio streaming using Windows Media Player

18.07.2007, 00:05
Online radio websites that use Windows Media Player - opens up the player in new window but instead of buffering, says that it is playing but no output/sound. Definitely not security/pop up/firewall issue. Windows Media Player works fine playing CDs etc.

18.07.2007, 12:50
Hi there,

so, you definitively have a machine whichs plays sound and you can establish a internetconnection. I think itīs a pure mediaplayer problem (softwareproblem).

You have the following options:
1. Reinstall your mediaplayer or update it.
2. install another mediaplayer software like winamp or some other jukebox
3. ..no further options

Give some feedback, so I can maybe help you with your problem. ;)