View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20: I havi problems upgrading the RAM

17.07.2007, 19:33
I am having problems upgrading Ram.
Sat Pro L20

I have 2 sticks of 1Gb each, i have tried in each slot and they work, but not together. The speed and size are the same but not paired. ( apparently shouldn't matter)
I am getting annoyed over this as i am sure it worked before when i had a 1GB and a 256MB fitted together

22.07.2007, 15:21

so the modules are totally identical?? Are they from the same manufacturer?? If not, then your problem is resolved and you should go to the shop where you purchased that RAM and exchange for a compatible one.
Usually such phenomenon is appearing in just two cases:

1. The modules are identical but one of them is defective and thats the reason why they won´t boot when paired
2. The modules are not identical or not from the same manufacturer they also won´t boot when paired

Thats all, my friend. Nothing more to tell.