View Full Version : Performance issues on a Satellite Pro A120-185 with Windows Vista

15.07.2007, 12:05
Can anyone help me with this.
My laptop is a new Satellite Pro A120-185 with Windows Vista.

I had less configuration of my last laptop, but you know what? It was faster!!

I am supposed to have cetrino duo 2, 2 GHz processor and 4 MB of cach, plus FSB 667 MHz, RAM 1 GB although they are 533 MHz, 100 GB HDD with 5400 RPM.

Eveything is slow, not only booting, opening programs, playing something, the browser, and even copying from the CD to the hard disk sometimes gives me remaining time 4 days !

Clicking on something takes forever. What is wrong?
Need less to say that with vista none, and I mean none, of my peripherals are now working. Bluetooth dongle, USB disk, printer, NAS, and and...

16.07.2007, 20:31
Hey dude,

Please donít forget that Vista was installed on your notebook and additional Toshiba tools and utilities which control many additional features!!!
There is a huge difference between the Vista and early MS operating systems.

The Vista eats the computer resources and many old peripherals donít work or cannot be installed because the 3rd device manufacturers donít provide the Vista drivers!!!

In my opinion a ram upgrade up to 2GB would increases the notebook performance.
All the utilities and programs could be loaded fasterÖ

20.07.2007, 16:55
As an advanced user I can't find a major difference between Vista and XP except that it doesn't detect any of the peripherals and I am having bad time trying to make anything to work.

I used Home premium Vista on other laptop and it was much much faster !! Is it the business Vista that is slow? or Could there be anything wrong with my laptop?

Especially that sinceever I started to install some drivers and programs, I started to experience some errors and system halting or hang?


20.07.2007, 17:07
Hi Adham

As advanced user you should know the difference between the XP and Vista.
Maybe the difference does not stick out at first sight but the simply fact is that Vista needs much more hardware resources as XP.

Furthermore donít forget that the Toshiba notebooks were delivered with many preinstalled applications which are needed to use all notebook features!!!! These applications are run in the background and therefore the system could run slower!!!!

Please donít compare a clean OS with the OS where many programs were installed!!!

Of course, you can install the fresh OS without any tools & utilities and the OS will run much faster but you will miss some functios!!!

As advanced user you should know this fact.... ;)