View Full Version : Satellite Pro L10 - USB port will not recognise any devices

13.07.2007, 20:21

I have had an L10 for 18 months. Under the warranty i had a replacement motherboard fitted. Everything has been ok until now. One USB port will not recognise any devices, one port is ok but randomly switches off a device attached to it and comes up with message "USB device not recognised". The third port is ok all the time.

Any solutions/suggestions?

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15.07.2007, 21:02

just a question: did the port stop to work immediately? If yes, it would be better to bring your machine back to the service partner because you should have still some warranty for the motherboard.
I think itīs the only good solution since such errors are going much more in the direction "hardware error".


16.07.2007, 10:47
I presume there is no enough power supply on those USB ports and the external devices can not work properly. It is not easy to say why this happen but maybe is there some soldering problem.

I recommend you to contact service again as soon as possible.