View Full Version : Memory Upgrade at Portege S100

12.07.2007, 23:36
Please, I need someone to point me to how I can get to the memory slot under the keyboard. I need to upgrade to 2GB. I have access to the slot under the bottom flap to insert 1GB but I do not know how to get to the slot under the keyboard to replace the 512MB with another 1GB. HELP!!

17.07.2007, 09:02

You are right. At the bottom of the unit you will find only one memory slot!!!
This slot is user upgradeable because itís very easy to remove the cover securing the memory bank.

The other slot should be placed under the keyboard and in my knowledge itís not user upgradeable because the keyboard removing is a little bit tricky.

Therefore itís advisable to contact the authorized technician for such upgrade. Last but not least you will lose the warranty if you will open the notebook or remove any covers.

Do you want to lose warranty?? I donít think so ;)