View Full Version : Satellite U200-10K beeps continuously

12.07.2007, 15:51

When i start satellite U200-10K (Vista), right from boot up it gives me continous beep..beepppppp..i can work..i can open all aplications, but this beep doesnt go offf. What could be possible reason for this problem ,Hardware/ Software?
I didnt install any new software on this system?


17.07.2007, 21:20

Such beeping is uncommon!! Usually the notebook could beep if the BIOS would detect an error. But this beep should not appear non-stop and the notebook would not boot up!!!

I can not believe that this issue could be also related to any software installed on the notebook.
In my opinion the notebook should be checked by an authorized service provider in your country.
One question; did you try to recovery the notebook with the delivered recovery CD?
This procedure would set the notebook back to the factory settings. If the beeps will not stop, I think there is something wrong with the hardware.

But donít worry buddy! The warranty should be valid and would cover everything!!!!