View Full Version : Vista Ati Drivers will not install on Satellite Pro A100 PSAACE

12.07.2007, 14:41
I have seen a number of other users in the forum with this same issue. I have looked at it a little further on my machine and it appears the driver file it self is not worl or there is a hardware fault with the graphics card.

Here is the out put of the error report from the catalyst installation...

Catalyst® Install Manager
Installation Report
Thu, 12 Jul 2007 13:28:08

Hardware information
Name ATI Mobility Radeon X1400
Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc
Device ID 0x7145
Vendor ID 0x1002
Class Code 0x030000
Revision ID 0x00
Subsystem ID 0xff10
Subsystem vendor ID 0x1179
Other hardware

Existing packagesATI Catalyst Install Manager
Catalyst Control Center
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable

Packages for install
ATI Catalyst Install ManagerFinal Status:
Version of Item: 3.0.504.0
Size: 20 Mbytes
ATI Display DriverFinal Status: Fail
Version of Item:
Size: 90 Mbytes
Catalyst Control CenterFinal Status:
Version of Item: 2.0.2519.38216
Size: 150 Mbytes
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 RedistributableFinal Status:
Version of Item:
Size: 10 Mbytes

Other detected devices

Error messages
Driver Install: the installation failed
Application Install: failed

After running the executeable I tryed to install the driver maually locating the driver files within the package, while windows recognised the inf it gave an error say that it coudl not read from the device...

12.07.2007, 16:11

What graphic driver did you use???
One from the ATI website or the graphic driver from the Toshiba page?!

You should use the graphic driver from the Toshiba page because these drivers are designed and modified especially for the Toshiba notebooks!!

I have tried to use the graphic drivers for example from nVidia page and I was not able to install it automatically.
I find out from this forum that the Toshiba graphic drivers are a little bit modified to prevent the graphic card from overheating.

Due to a graphic card high performance the temperature increases and can damage some parts inside the notebook.
The graphic driver prevents the temperature increasing and slows down the graphic card performance. If the temperature decreases the performance goes up again.

12.07.2007, 17:13
Yes I used the driver currently available within the toshiba download system for this model of laptop...
I have thoroghly checked it all and I am simple unable to install that driver.

On a side point ati don't really release files for the X1400 mobility for that reason.

ITs really quite a pain cos there are so many tweaks to improve performance that could be achieved if I could just get this driver installed.

18.08.2007, 12:03
Hey everyone,

This worked for me. I hope it works for you.

I have downloaded the driver files many times and tried to install it many times, getting the same error.
Finally, I tried this.
1. Turn off UAC (Control Panel --> User Accounts)
2. Extract the driver files to C drive (this is important. Your path should look something like this C:\
3. Right click this folder and uncheck read only. (it was checked on my system)
4. Now run the install. It worked fine for me. Installed the whole thing including drivers)
5. After the successful install, I enabled UAC again.

I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong prior to this. Prior to this, I kept extracting the drivers to other drives and not the C drive.
I had not tried the UAC option. So, maybe a combination of all the above helped, not sure.

I hope it works for you. Now, II am keeping my fingers crossed that my laptops display will not just die on me out of the blue, which is why I was trying to update the drivers in the first place.

Good luck.


10.11.2007, 00:31
Thanks to all who helpe with this one there were a number of different things I had to do to the files before the drivers would install firstly turn of UAC 2. turn of readonly on all files 3. unblock all executables. 4. run driver install and pray :)

But it did work in the end. Just the joys of vista security I guesss.