View Full Version : Windows Media Player does not show Video just Audio

11.07.2007, 19:07

I have Satellite A110-275, Windows XP HOME. I have installed every type of codecs like K Lite, Codecs ALL pack, Divx, AC filter and every other but my problem has not been solved. My problem is that when I watch an online Movie/ Online news that run on Windows media player. I can hear the sound but no video appears. I take all the steps to see the video but fails.

Can anybody please tell me the solution of this problem? Any type of codec of live streaming etc.


16.07.2007, 15:20

Your suggestions could be right…. I think you need either a right and compatible codex for the Win Media Player or you will need to install another player.

The Microsoft websites provides own codex for the Windows media player. I’ve installed these codexes and I’m able to watch all movies and short clips from the internet sides like “youtube” for example. No problems at all...

Check this Microsoft sites and the available plug-ins:

But I’ve noticed that many websites provide movies which can be opened only with the flash player.
Therefore I would recommend installing also this player. As far as I know you can find it on the Adobe sites.

Good luck and best regards ;)