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09.07.2007, 22:53

When I start up my computer I get a bluescreen error c0000415
A quick google reveals that it is one of these: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/832324

"So what are you fussing about?" I hear you cry - the problem I have is, in getting to this error from another one (also ATI card based) I stuck my red disk in and wiped everything - including windows... and bnow the error kicks in before windows installs and safe mode (- which worked perfectly before) doesn't work because windows isn't installed!

Oh the fun.

"I reckon it's a hardware error" - yeah so did I... however, before the reinstall and recover I could work the computer in safe mode and videos played fine with full colours and resolution. Am I missing the point if I think that a working video is an indicator of a working video card?

I must admit I'm stumped well and truly. I'm going to try and dig out an old Windows 98 disk, but I'm not sure how much that will help, as the only copy of XP I have is on the recovery disk... [Return to Step 1]

Any suggestions much appreciated - thanks in advance...

[it's a Sat pro A60 w/ 256+? RAM, 2.8Ghz celeron, ATI Radeon Mobility 7000 etc...]

12.07.2007, 17:59

As Microsoft document suggested this issue may occur if an ATI Radeon 7200 display adapter was installed on your computer and the driver that is supplied with this adapter may not work correctly with Windows XP.
The SP2 installation should helps.

This MS statement says everything! It’s not a hardware problem but there is an compatibility issue with Windows XP (without SP2) and the ATI 7200 radeon driver.

You should try to get an original Windows XP CD with or without the SP2.
The software called “nLite” allows you to create an own Windows booting CD and to add the MS patches and service packs to this CD.

Then you could try to boot this CD and after the OS installation you should update or change the graphic driver!!