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09.07.2007, 13:57
OK, so I found Crucial.co.uk a very useful site to determine what RAM your system can work with. Please can someone clarify for me that if I buy a 256mb RAM from them I will also be able to use the 256mb of RAM already installed. This will total to 512mb RAM - perfect for me.

And another thing, where do I find slot1 and slot2 and is the RAM easy to install?

Thanks, and here's the webpage: http://www.crucial.com/uk/store/mpartspecs.aspx?mtbpoid=E927B290A5CA7304

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09.07.2007, 17:55

The Tecra 9100 can be upgraded up to 1024 MB.
Two memory slots are available at the bottom of the unit and therefore you can use both modules i.e. 2x 256MB or 2 x 512MB.

As said the memory banks are placed at the bottom of the unit. I think it’s in the middle and the cover is only secured with one screw.
Simply remove this screw and you will be able to open the cover and should see both slots

One hint; you can find useful info in the user manual. This can be downloaded from the Tosh page

09.07.2007, 19:05
the RAM from MDT workes fine with the original one.

MDT 256MB DDR333 CL2,5 DDR-SO-DIMM 200 pin für Notebook
32Mx64 - 6ns, 333MHz , 1 Bank, 32Mx8 Chip


09.07.2007, 19:09
Great info… as I supposed the issue was related to not compatible memory module.
Thanks for the info

09.07.2007, 23:32
Sorry Wolly, have no idea what you're talking about there?

12.07.2007, 18:10

Wolly talks about some memory details…
Fact is that the Tecra 9100 supports the 256MB 200-pin SODIMM DDR PC2700 memory modules. It’s you choice if you will buy an module produced by Kingston, MDT or another company!

14.07.2007, 00:41
So theres Kingston, Crucial, MDT...

Any particular reason why I should choose one over the other? I did notice I could buy Crucial RAM for half the price Kingston was selling. There a reason why?

14.07.2007, 14:45
The chips on the crucial modules are from samsun*/w*nbond which are highly qualitative and very reliable.

MDT is using some hynix or elpida chips and they are not SO reliable like the Crucials and the kingstons but as a normal consumer you won´t recognize any difference. Maybe there COULD be a little difference: compatibility.
The kingston modules are mostly compatible to almost every machine (and chipset) and the crucial/mdt have some problems with some hardwareconfigurations. That could be a important point.

You have to choose on yourself, but it´s almost better to spent some extra cash on better hardware.