View Full Version : Satellite Pro L10: CMOS clock stops when the OS is not running

05.07.2007, 08:44

does any one know a reason why the cmos clock would stop when the OS is not running (laptop turned off), the laptop is 18 months old, I have updated the bios trying to give it a kick start but to no affect, it is also been on charge for 24 hours.
Any advice would be great.


06.07.2007, 09:35

Usually if the BIOS time/date is wrong and always changes, the RTC battery which is mounted on the motherboard malfunctions.
In that case the CMOS battery should be changed or maybe only removed for a while…

If your notebook is 18 month old the warranty should be valid.
Usually if you have registered the notebook on the Toshiba page the warranty covers all reparation for about 2 years (24 month).

In that case I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country because the technician should be able to solve this issue very easily.