View Full Version : Tecra 9000 - LED flashes and cannot boot

04.07.2007, 22:59
I was recently given an old Tecra 9000 laptop. Unfortunately, it did not have a HDD (it was removed and trashed by the previous owner).

I have bought a couple of HDDs that I thought should work in this machine, but all that seems to happen is the power light flashes seven times, pauses, then flashes once (and then repeats this.

I assume this is an error code of some kind.

The drives I have tried are a MK4025GAS and a MK4026GAX. The result is the same on both.

Can someone advise as to what this error means, or even tell me the part number of a drive that will work with this machine?

Many thanks.

05.07.2007, 10:42
Hi Guy

One question; did you try to power up the notebook without inserting the HDD?
Usually if the notebook is ok it should be possible to start the notebook. Of course the notebook will not load the Windows OS because the HDD is missing but it should be able to start and the LED should not flash!!!

But if the LED flashes this means that the fault was detected on the motherboard and the LED lamp sends a blinking code.
The short blinking means 0 and the long blinking means 1
Error code starts with LSB (least significant bit)
for example:
0000 0001 -> 1000 0000

This code you have to transform in hex and you will get the error code.
But in my opinion nobody will give you an answer what it means.
Every notebook series porvides own error code...