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03.07.2007, 13:34

I have recently bought a second had Toshiba Pro A10 model number PSA15E-03U82-EN. I was not able to upgrade the hard drive from the 40gig to a 160gig that I have but it seems that I need to have the original BIOS startup disk to do this.

How do I get hold of this? Can I download it and create my own?

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03.07.2007, 13:45

If I understood you right you want to upgrade the BIOS to be able using the 160GB HDD in your notebook…

Unfortunately, this is not possible…. Of course you can upgrade the BIOS but this will not help using the 160HDD.
The BIOS supports a simple HDD limitation and the update will not help.

The notebook supports 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, or 60GB HDD. Maybe you can use also an 80GB HDD but I think the 160GB is simply too much.

I hope I could clear you issue…

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03.07.2007, 14:36
Thanks for your reply

I ahve tried a 60gig HDD in there but it is not recognised. At Maplin they told me that I needed the BIOS rescue disk in order to swap over the HDD (no matter what size) This is what I am struggling to find.

Why would 160GB be too big?

03.07.2007, 14:46
> Why would 160GB be too big?

As I said above most BIOS versions supports an HDD size limitation ( don’t ask why, I don’t know :( ) which prevents using bigger HDDs.
The newer notebooks (ie. A200) are able to handle HDD up to 200GB but not the Sat A10.

03.07.2007, 14:49
to get my 60gig HDD in I need to find a bios update and do not actually need to use the BIOS rescue disk? I imagine I can get the update from this website?

03.07.2007, 15:03
As far as I know HDDs in notebooks may contains some BIOS parts or some other essential data for the boot process. This makes HDD replacement harder than needed. I suspect this is where your problems are coming from...
I’d suggest you try imaging software like Acronics True Image or Symantec Ghost. It will make an exact replica of the old drive (to the new one) including any non standard boot data the old drive may contain. To do this you have to somehow connect the new drive to your notebook while your old drive is still in its place. The easiest way to do this is to buy an external USB 2,5 HDD box (~10E).

Hope this helps…

03.07.2007, 15:12
thanks that is helpful, I have a USB to IDE already so all I need is that software!


And definatly no chance in your opinion of getting the 160GB HDD in there?

03.07.2007, 15:37
1. Don't miss the 2,5 inch part.
2. I don't really know the full spec. of your machine. It should be the motherboard chipset that determines the size and type of drive you can use and not Toshiba BIOS. So If it is anything recent than there is no theoretic reason why it should not work.
Since the original drive is 40GB I suspect that the notebook is not that old…

05.07.2007, 21:36
The other thing you can do is to recalibrate the hard drive to the Max accepted by the bios. Thus you use the same hard drive. The Hitachi drive fitness tools will help you do that. Just visit the Hitachi fitness test page you will see the other items they offer

07.07.2007, 11:57
so if i get into bios i can check for sure the max HDD that it will take?

07.07.2007, 14:30
Hm, in the bios you can see the maximum size of the HDD. But changing the parameter for maximum size? Usually you should set everything on default, then every hdd should be recognized correctly, or? ;)