View Full Version : SD-Card is not readable on Tecra 9100 / XP

02.07.2007, 20:31

I don't get my SD-Card Drive running. I can install the SD Host Controller without any problems. But when I insert the card nothimg happens. The Drive LED is always out. I have XP Prof. SP2 running. Driver from the Tecra M1 or other Toshiba notebooks dont work as well. Can anybody help me.

What do I have do do?


03.07.2007, 16:37

What SD card did you try to use???
Not all SD card sizes are supported!!!

You can use only the secure digital flash memory cards with capacity of 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB!!

03.07.2007, 16:42

Jaba is right. Which SD card you use exactly? It is known that older notebook models can not read new cards properly.

03.07.2007, 21:18

I think i have the same problem like David_Stevenson here in this forum. I installed Win XP not from the old recovery disk, because I dont have one. My notebook is second hand and I got it with empty hard drive. I used a standard XP installation disc. How I have to find a way to get the recovery disc. Maybe somebody can help me.

The SD-Card has 512 MB.


05.07.2007, 16:29

Did you read the Jaba’s posting!!??
The Tecra 9100 supports only 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB SD cads!!

You try to use an 512MB SD card...

05.07.2007, 21:21

I have at work a Tecra 9000 notebook with Win98 installed. It workes fine with 512 MB SD-Cards. I dont think a Tecra 9100 has cheaper parts.


06.07.2007, 19:39
I have Tecra 9000/xp that's reading a 1gb Kingston SD-card fine, However I have discovered that the SD-Reader is mounted on the soundcard along with IRDA,Earphone and mic jacks,Wireless switch and volume controller. The 2 Ribbon type connectors are 1 for Wireless to mini pci and the other for sound,IR and SD to sub-processor, it's this connector where the problem lies, the solution is to strip the unit down in a way that loosens upper case, remove keyboard,loosen upper case,leave everything plugged in,replace keyboard and plug it in,slip hand into unit locating the flush mounted snap connector on the end of the ribbon, leave a SD card in the reader and press down on the connector firmly and rock yous fingers on the connector until you see the reader flash, I ended up making a tin-plate bracket that would push down on the connector as the casing was re-tightened now mine works fine!!!! hope it helps...

07.07.2007, 18:33

I slowly believe that I have a hardware problem. Is there a way to get sure. I where using a Knoppix Linux CD to search the SD Card. The hardware analyser found the SD Controller but not the SD Card. I testet with a 16MB Card as well, nothing.

@leachy: Can you send me your email address (d_koepp@web.de). I wanna send you a picture with the plain motherboard. I am not sure that we mean the same connector. Do you mean the one close to the SD Drive, the one close to the IR or the one with the 2 ribbon tyres in the centre of the board.