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16.02.2005, 07:09
I am new to this and I have a problem with my Portege 7200CT wherein it does not detect the IBM IEEE 1394 Cardbus Card that I inserted on the PCMCIA slot.

WinXP Pro SP2 is the operating system in my laptop. Before I have upgraded from Win98SE I was able to use this IEEE Cardbus Card without any problem.

Please advise what to do.

16.02.2005, 15:37

When you put PCMCIA Card in slot is there some acoustic signal? In device manager, is there some new entry?

If you have driver CD try first to install driver and then use PCMCIA card.

17.02.2005, 11:45
When I put the PC Card there is no audible signal or prompt in the task bar for a new hardware. Likewise there is no new entry in the Device Manager.

I have done a restart but nothing happened. The PCMCIA driver was updated and the one installed is already certified by Microsoft for WinXP Pro.

Thank you for your response and I look forward to further advise or solutions for this problem