View Full Version : Where can i find all the drivers for Tecra 8200

28.06.2007, 17:35
Where can i find all the drivers for an Toshiba tecra 8200 PIII750/20/14T/D/LM/W - I have looked everywhere for drivers (all drivers) for this Labtop, can enyone please help me :)

Got Windows XP -

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28.06.2007, 17:42

Did you check the Toshiba European driver page???
This site provides all necessary drivers for Win XP, ME, W2k, Win98SE, Win98, Win95.

Only the Vista drivers are not available for this oldie

Check it!

28.06.2007, 17:50
yes ive checked like all the pages, that i can understand touhh.. i cant seem to find drivers for tecra 8200 750III.. is there other drivers that match?? i got a realy big problem with this.

28.06.2007, 17:59
There is no difference between the drivers!!!!
The XP drivers designed for Tecra 8200 series should works with all Tecra 8200 units!!!

28.06.2007, 18:17
can i get an URL to the driver site please? i cant even seem to find that one..

28.06.2007, 18:20
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/ -> Support & Downloads -> Support homepage -> Download Drivers

There you have to choose:
Notebooks -> Tecra -> Tecra 8200 -> Win XP

Thatís all