View Full Version : 4 GB SD memory card does not work on Satellite Pro A series

26.06.2007, 16:19
I would like to ask if it is possible to use 4 GB SD memory card using internal card reader.
Thank you

26.06.2007, 16:21
How should someone provide a help without any information about the notebook you are using!!!!

By the way; mostly all information can be found in the user manual!!!

26.06.2007, 16:56
I would connect SanDisk SD HC Ultra II 4GB memory card into my Toshiba Satellite PRO.
Toshiba does not see the memorycard.
Toshiba's recard reader is Ok. because it can read 2GB SD card (Sandisk too).
Please let me know if you need additional information

26.06.2007, 18:18
Satellite Pro A xxx-xxx ??? What is an exactly notebook model!?
However, in my opinion if the internal card reader doesn’t support the 4GB

The 4GB SD cards are new on the market and I assume the notebook was not tested with such SD cards.

There is nothing to do… ohh maybe you can use an external card reader? Such 3rd party devices are not very expensive and can be connected to the USB port