View Full Version : Satellite Pro A10 shuts down during installing Windows

24.06.2007, 16:29
I have a satellite Pro A10, that shuts down during installation of Windows. The install gets to the part where I need to select the HDD to install on, then the system just powers down. I can restart immediately, and the sdame thing happens.

If I enter the BIOS everything is detected OK, and I have upgraded to the latest version (V1.4). ALso when in the BIOS the system will stay powered up forever and a day!! and not shutdown. I have a couple of diagnostic CDs, but when running tests the same thing happens, but I have run the seagate diagnostic tool and the HDD passes OK, as does the main board, but cannot run detailed tests as the system shuts down during the tests.

I suspect an overheating issue, but would appreciate any advice.

29.06.2007, 15:37
HmmmÖ itís very strange. I thought the HDD could malfunctions but itís very impossible if the HDD has passed the Seagate diagnostic test.

Nevertheless it would be very interesting to know if the OS installation would finish with another HDD.
You know, itís always difficult to provide an exact solution without any diagnostic tests.

For me it looks definitely like a hardware malfunction. So maybe it would be advisable to contact the Toshiba authorized service provider for a notebook check.
The guys could run some tests and would locate the malfunction quickly.

29.06.2007, 15:46
Satellite Pro A10 is pretty old unit and I can imagine that there is a lot of dust inside. Try to clean up your notebook and check it again. You can also try to place notebook on 4 books to make bigger distance between notebook and the desk. It is really possible that hardware reach critical temperature and notebook simply switches off.

What happen if you try to use recovery CD?

11.07.2007, 17:25
Thanks guys. An overheating issue was formost on my mind. I have removed the CPU cover, and found some dust on the heatsink, but on removing the fan and heatsink the CPU was covered in sticky white gunk, that looked more like gum than heatsink compound.

Also 2 of the screws holding the silver star shaped heatsink cover to the heatsink were missing, so I am wondering if the heatsink is poor that was used, and the heatsink is not making a good contact to the CPU as well.

I am going to give the whole laptop a good cleaning, and dedust, and then run some hardware diagnostics from a CD and FDD.