View Full Version : satellite 2430 wirles-lan card is not supported by windows xp

15.02.2005, 13:57
i have a MPC13A-20/R internal w-lan card in my satellite 2430-201 , and have downloaded and installed the updated driver (wlesslan-xp-7620390) from toshiba.
The hardware is recognized, but will not configure.
windows xp gives me the standard failer article 871122 to read, which is hopelessly uninformative.
I have service pack 2 installed as well as all other available updates, and my BIOS version is V1.3

what do ya think?

15.02.2005, 16:12

MPC13A-20/R wireless card is produced by Agere Systems. Like you can see updated driver that you downloaded is just for wireless card produced by Toshiba. On Toshiba download site there is under company registered “Toshiba” and version is “”.

In your case you need Agere driver for your wireless card. Please visit producer site and I am sure that there you will find right driver for MPC13A-20/R wireless card.

Good luck!