View Full Version : Satellite Pro A120 fails to load after BIOS and XP to Vista upgrade

22.06.2007, 22:32

I'm having problems getting my notebook to load the Windows operating system. My notebook (serial no X6062917H) was purchased in Nov 2006. I did recently upgrade the operating system to Windows Vista (Toshiba Promotion), and subsequently had to upgrade the Toshiba BIOS.

This was done via the Toshiba website opting for upgrade via Windows option. Since upgrading the BIOS I have only used this notebook two or three times and now I am unable to use it at all.

When I turn on the notebook now, all I face is a blank screen with the cursor arrow. The cursor does move about the screen as I move my finger across the touch pad.

I'd welcome any advice on getting my Notebook back up and running, My computer knowledge is extremely limited, so please make it as easy as possible

Many Thanks

Mr Gibbs

26.06.2007, 17:20
It seems you use the Satellite Pro A120 which belongs to the PSAC1E series.

It seems the notebook can boot into the operating system because the arrow cursor appears on the display.

Did you try to connect the notebook to the external monitor to check if you can switch the display to another monitor?
It would be very interesting to know if itís a graphic card issue or the internal display problemÖ

If you will be not able to see something on the second monitor I would recommend trying to install the OS again.
But if it will be not possible to reinstall the operating system you will have to contact the ASP (service provider) in your country for notebook check.

good luck