View Full Version : Maximum HDD size for Satellite Pro 4290 ??

15.02.2005, 13:55
My hard disk is wearing out (Win 98 tells me it has many bad sectors). Do I have to fit a 6gig hard disk or can I upgrade? If so, how big a disk will the latest BIOS address?

I think I need a 2.5" 9.5mm disk, but I don't know if there are any other specifications I have to adhere to.

ALSO, if I buy a USB hard disk for back-up etc, will the computer see it? Is there a maximum size for external USB disks?



15.02.2005, 15:09
I have problems regarding my laptop cause some times lot of blue screens appears all the time. when i took my laptop to the distributor here in Malta, he format it for me twice but the problem keep on persisting. I would like to have the official e-mail address of the New York mother company or else a suggestion what I can do.


15.02.2005, 15:14
Hi Mike

There is no precise information or specification about this issue but I am sure that you can use 10 GB HDD without any problems.

I have two external HDD`s and I have no problem because I use both with USB 2.0. Your unit has just USB1.1 Maybe you should not use HDD with high capacity. I will try to connect my 30GB external HDD to USB1.1. After that I can report you what exactly happens.

15.02.2005, 16:23
Thanks, Feliks.

I'm hoping to use a 20 gb drive, but daren't buy it until I know if it will work! I see the latest BIOS(updated in 2001!) covers all 42XX & 43XX machines, so maybe someone out there has installed a large drive in one of these and had success - or failure!!

Also, I see that my old drive was IDE/ATA 2/3/4 compliant, but many newer drives have ATA 5 or higher.