View Full Version : Tecra 9100: Can I upgrade the USB 1.1 up to USB 2.0

21.06.2007, 08:21
can any one tell me if the tecra 9100 can be upgraded to work on USB 2 instead of USB 1.1...?

21.06.2007, 09:43
Hi Keith

Unfortunately, something like that is not possible due to the hardware limitation.
The USB port speed depends on the hardware and not on the software.
Therefore any chipset, driver, software, etc…updates will not help you and will not increase the USB port speed!!!

Simply said the USB port speed is not changeable! :(


21.06.2007, 19:03
hi, ok thanks for that,

be cool

c ya

21.06.2007, 19:34
You can buy and use USB 2.0 PCMCIA card. Usually those cards have 2 or even 4 USB ports. My brother use the same card and data transfer between external HDD and his notebook is much faster than before.

Google a little bit around. This card is really not expensive. Small investment but with great results.