View Full Version : Tecra 9100: Standby mode no longer activating upon Lid closure

18.06.2007, 01:40

First post here and not the most intelligent when it comes to computer knowledge....

Have a Tecra 9100 approx 4 years old, running XP Pro SP2.

Last 3 days whenever i close the laptop lid it is NOT going into STAND BY mode leaving me no option but to power up and i get the "RESUME FAILURE PRESS ANY KEY....."

I have not altered any settings whatsover and since this i have tried to access the Power Saver icon in control panel but when i click on it nothing happens. I then click on Power Options whithin the control panel and i get the message "....close Microsoft power options and use Toshiba power saver" which obviously i cannot access either!!!

Is there any simple reason why on closing my laptop lid it is no longer going into "Stand by" mode, basically goes into an OFF format only, this has become a major inconvenience and not sure where to turn to.

Any basic help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

18.06.2007, 09:37

Reading your message I assume the Windows switched to the own power options and doesnít use the Toshiba power saver power profiles anymore.

Usually the issue should be solved by switch again to the Toshiba power saver in the control panel -> power options! But regarding your posting the switching this is not possible! Itís very strange ?:|

In such case I would recommend removing the Toshiba power saver from the system. This can be done in the Add & remove programs.

So finally please check these steps:
Remove the Power saver, reboot the notebook, reinstall the Toshiba Common modules, reboot the notebook and install the Power saver again.

After this procedure the standby mode should works! By the way; the hibernation mode is disabled by default. If you want to use the hibernation you have to enable it firstly!