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15.06.2007, 02:18

I got a laptop over here soon, who has troubles with the screen. The screen shows some lines, how lower the resolution, how less lines there are. The problem began from the moment the person cleaned the laptop with a air compressor.

I suppose the motherboard or Vga has been "attacked". Can someone please give me some advice ?

Many thanks !



Toshiba Satellite Pro A60BT
Model No: PSA65E-01K02EBT
Intel P4 532 3.06Ghz

19.06.2007, 09:49

Your supposition could be right.
Either there is something wrong with the GPU chip (graphic card chip) or the notebook display malfunctions.

This can be checked very easily. You should connect the notebook to the external monitor and should test the display output.

If the same lines will appear on the second monitor then the graphic card should be responsible for this issue. Otherwise the notebook internal LCD could be faulty.

In both cases the authorized service provider in your country should be contacted.

Good luck and have a nice week ;)

23.06.2007, 10:21
I agree with previous user. Connect external monitor to your notebook and let us know if the same problem occurs on external monitor. If no, there is probably some problem with notebook display.

And please do not use compressor to clean your notebook, as this ‘person’. It seems to be very bad idea. ;)