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14.06.2007, 02:23
I recently became i happy owner of a Portege 2000 which was given to me for free(?!) from a family member that doesn't use it anymore.

When i first held it i felt impressed! Its so light and so beautiful.
It came with Windows 2000, which crashed after a while (just one day). So i decided to install windows Xp on it. But the portege has no external media drives that can be accessed through the bios, as i have come to conclude after reading several threads on this forum. After windows 2000 crashed i suspected that the hard drive may have some issues, but i decided that before i purchase i new 1.8" (very expensive) drive, i would try to install a fresh copy of windows XP os. So i bought a 1.8" to IDE hard drive adapter to plug it on my desktop. This thing works just fine as i can see the drive and also copy files on it.

But the problem for me is how can i install XP on the drive and then plug it back on the portege and make it work.

I tried installing windows through the desktop PC, and then after removing all the drivers from the device manager console, i re-install it on the portege. All i get is a grey bar that fills up on a black screen and then nothing.....

I tried to boot it in safe mode but after it loads some files it just gets stuck. I though that maybe if i did the installation on a different desktop there would be no problem, so i installed XP on all the desktops availiable to me (core 2 duo, Opteron, and athlon XP -socket A) with the exact same results.

Is there a way to make the toshiba 1.8" drive bootable through the desktop PC and also include windows XP installation files on the same drive?
What i mean is if its possible to emulate a floppy and access command prompt, while having windows XP on the same hard drive??

If not do you have any suggestions about this issue? Any idea will be very welcome as i have been trying to find a way for about a month now...

I read somewhere in this forum that you can install XP via lan, but i really don't know how to do that.

P.S. Would it be possible for anyone to find a windows xp installation for portege 2000 as a ghost image that i can load in the drive through the desktop???

Thank you in advance & please help me....

14.06.2007, 21:50
yes, you can

format your 1,8" HD on a external PC, use fat32
copy the DOS-rootfiles from for example W98 or ME to the HD ( by using sys.com )
than copy the entire I386 directory from the XP-CD to the HD

when you install the HD in your 2000 it will start DOS on start-up
than go to the i386 directory ( command : cd i386 )
than start the XP-installation by typing : winnt.exe

during the installation-procedure, use the "convert to NTFS" command


PS : you can find more information in this topic : http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=19232
the method is basically the same, but with a 1.8 - 3.5 adapter you can do it without a diskette drive and external CD

15.06.2007, 20:29
thanks for the info kjo!

i looked at the topic you refer to but i am not sure i understand.... OK i know how to copy and then setup XP, but i will need some more help on how to make the disk bootable and run command prompt.

how do i use the sys.com (command, exe, ???) to copy the DOS root files on the drive & can i find these files anywhere else or just in 98/Me startup disks?
Can you please give me some more details, or maybe give me a link to another thread?

Tomorrow i will probably have some time to try this method out and see if i have any more obstacles in the process.

Thanks once more!

15.06.2007, 22:23
Download this file : http://www.nerdlabs.org/bootdisks/diskimages/wbootess.exe
and write a bootdisk with it, it contains all the files you need, including sys.com

on a external PC, connect your 1.8" HD with the adapter as the only drive = C on the primary controller cable, disconnect the normal HD to prevent catastrophes
start the PC with the bootdisk, if the HD is not partitioned and formatted yet you can do it with the fdisk and format files at the bootdisk ; if you want you can make a small bootable partition of a few gb, big enough to store the contents of the bootdisk and the i386-directory from the XP-CD . It is essentiel to format the HD ( or partition ) to FAT32
**use the sys.com file : type sys c: this will make the HD bootable in a DOS environment
**copy all the files from the bootdisk to the HD and check if it is bootable

then you can reconnect the normal HD of the external PC and use it to copy the i386 directory of the XP-CD to the 1.8" HD

16.06.2007, 10:34
Hmm, nice explanation. I think he will appreciate such detailed version. :)


16.06.2007, 22:46
So tonight was the big night for me, it was time to find out if i could put kjo's info in practice....

Plugged the 1.8" toshiba drive in the desktop, format to fat32, set primary and active partition and then do the booting part.

So i set of to create a MS-dos boot floppy, only to find out to that (long time no-use) floppy drive was as good as dead...

I tried to do the exact same process through a usb stick but no luck there either. And then it struck me! Mark the file extraction box, unmark the writing on floppy box on the wbootess.exe window and there it is! It worked like a charm!! The drive was bootable on my Portege right away no floppy, no usb stick needed. It just booted!

So i unplugged the drive once more, copied the i386 folder on the drive and ina few secs i was in windows blue screen mode!!...

kjo i am really thankful to you for taking the time and explaining this routine, that program is very useful (wbootess.exe), as you can make almost anything bootable!!

I am very pleased with the little toshiba actually functioning after all this time i could only look at it!

17.06.2007, 16:07
my pleasure

indeed the 'little' porteges are nice but also self-willing
it's amazing that "by going back to the DOS-basics" you can solve almost every problem

17.06.2007, 20:57
Hehe, yes my friend you´re absolutely right. But I suggest everyone rather to use the little and powerful Linux penguin to clean the harddisk from the big and hungry M$-giant...


05.08.2007, 11:05
The easy way is to get the six floppy disc XP Pro install set. Boot with usb floppy drive with a usb cdrom connected and then the xp install proceeds as if it all came off the cd rom. I'm pretty certain the set of floppies loads drivers for many different types of cd rom devices.

05.08.2007, 13:42
NO, it doesn't work, like you can find several times on this forum

unfortunately also the floppy-XP-install set doesn't have the proper drivers

05.08.2007, 13:56
maybe I was just lucky with my Iomega CD RW Ext?