View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100 always seems to get very hot

12.06.2007, 23:30
My Satellite Pro A100 always seems to get very hot. I cannot have it on my knee for long as I get really hot. Is this a general problem or is there something wrong with my laptop.

I have had around 5 months and none of my other laptops have had this problem?

14.06.2007, 14:51
Hi Colleen

Did you read the user manual??? I think you didn’t. There you will find the instruction how to use the unit.
It seems you use this notebook on your knees. That’s not good and not advisable!!

First of all the fans and ventilators are placed at the bottom of the unit and its necessary and important to let it free because of the air circulation!

Please don’t compare the A100 with other older notebooks. The new generation notebooks use high-performance devices like CPU and GPU. These parts must be cooled and the fresh air circulation is very important for a correctly working. Therefore use it on the table or desk and be sure that there is enough free space around the notebook!!!

15.07.2007, 17:16
well i have followed your advisde for the last month, i have only used the laptop on a desk, and it is still getting very hot all the time, i have updated my bios but to no avail,

07.08.2007, 12:51
If I were you, I would be very careful using your computer. I have a Satellite Pro A60 which used to get hot. In fact, it got so hot that the processor burnt out and burnt a nice hole in the casing. Needless to say, this happened outside of the warranty period so I get no cover whatsoever! Thanks Toshiba.

07.08.2007, 13:28
Working on Satellite A100-504 for days I didn’t noticed any serious overheating. Every notebook is ‘hot’ or ‘warm’. I do not know how you use your notebook but be sure the notebook is placed properly and nothing can disturb cooling fan. On many notebook models cooling fan is placed at the bottom side and much dust will be placed inside of notebook and around the cooling fan.

I recommend you to check this every two weeks. You can also place back side of your notebook to two CDs or something similar to have more distance between bottom side and the desk. Please do not use it on your knees. It can block cooling fan.

Dear Davemate I do not know why you think Toshiba should be responsible for this. Who knows how you use your notebook. If this happened outside of the warranty that says you have had enough time for cleaning and enough time to observe how the notebook works. Usually every electronic device, gadget or something similar should be cleaned from time to time and I hope you understand meaning of ‘routine maintenance’.

Bye and good luck!

14.08.2007, 00:13

I do have the problem too. My satellite pro A100 gets very hot without any application runnig! Place the left hand while writing is not very comfortable because its too warm on the top of the laptop. That's not the way a notebook ment to be!

Is there any solution to fix this problem?

20.08.2007, 08:00
I have the same problem of overheat on my Satellite Pro A60. After several hours, it stops because of overheat.
I have seen on this web site there is a patch for BIOS update but I did not use it yet.
I have read somewhere that the solution is to clean the fan very often but I did not try.
Hope this help