View Full Version : Tecra 9100 doesn't starts - power suplly LED flashes

11.06.2007, 09:28
Good morning to all.

I have a problem with a notebook Tecra 9100. When I push start button the power suplly LED flashes in orange for eight times doing a little stop in flash 2 and flash 8. Can Anyone explain me what code error is this?

Thank you for all your responses

11.06.2007, 11:38

If power supply electronic detects some problem notebook sends a blinking code. This code helps to identify the problem. I can not tell you much about those codes but what I know for sure is that you need professional help.

Please contact authorized service in your country and explain them the problem you have.

11.06.2007, 16:07

I agree with Andrej. This LED provides an error code because a hardware fault was detected.
Generally the short blinking means 0 and long means 1
Then you can generate a dual number and transform in hexadecimal.

But every notebook model supports different codes! You will be note able to find out what the code means because this information is not public! Only the authorized service provider can read it and solve such issues.

10.08.2007, 18:21
I have the same problem, could you fix?

10.08.2007, 19:19
Hi Informito

I am really wondering you post something like this. From previous posting you can see that there is problem with power supply electronic and you need professional help. There are different types of errors and hexadecimal code will say what the problem is.